Top 5 Music Albums Actually Worth Buying

Music StoreGiven the rise of the Internet, it may seem odd to actually talk about music albums. Most people either borrow music from friends or hang out on free music sites like the section offered on However, there’s nothing like owning a copy of the music you love. For starters, it supports the artists and encourages them to produce more music for you to enjoy.

But where do you begin? There’s so many music albums out there that it can be hard to figure out what you actually want to get. If you need help, here are the top 10 music albums that are actually worth buying.

1. Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen

After you listen to Born to Run, you will definitely see why Bruce Springsteen is referred to as The Boss. Springsteen’s signature style and impressive singing voice sound out loud and clear on this album. It’s from the 70s, so if you miss that era, you definitely want to pick up Born to Run.

2. Like a Prayer – Madonna

Madonna is one of the greatest female pop singers of all time, with a career that spans across three decades. Like a Prayer is an album that captures Madonna’s classic sound and clear relentless voice.

3. Purple Rain – Prince

Prince is as well known for his wacky lifestyle and antics as much as he is for his music. Yet Purple Rain captures Prince at his best – deep soulful tunes, wild guitar styling, and enough funk and groove to keep your toes tapping for a long time.

4. Back in Black – AC/DC

Back in Black by AC/DC seems to be made for karaoke — after all, who hasn’t sung “You Shook Me All Night Long” at the top of their lungs? The album is filled with a lot of great songs and hits to keep you busy for a while.

5. Ropin’ The Wind – Garth Brooks

This album from Garth Brooks went platinum 18 times, and stayed at number one for a combined total of 18 weeks over the course of a year. Brooks focused on keeping his country roots and telling plenty of stories along the way.


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